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Frank Fuhlbrück's site



This website is a collection of things that I'm interested in.
  • The short introduction contains some information about me.
  • My everyday life is dominated by my job as research assistant at HU Berlin, see Computing Science & Mathematics.
  • I'm interested in free software and IT in general. The outcome of this interest can be found under FOSS/IT.
  • Public transport (and the view on urban planning it implies) always played an important role in my life.
  • I'm an atheist. See the related category, if you like to know what that means (for me).
  • Politics is a collection of opinions and comments related to day-to-day politics and fundamental questions.
  • My song texts, prose, radio plays (and their scripts) are packed under the heading: Language and Music. Since the vast majority of this texts is in German, this category will not be translated.
  • Images and Videos currently contains a small picture gallery.
  • The category Links contains global links, each category may contain additional specific links.
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